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rReport Javascript Library -- Client-side Report Generator & Print Preview

rReport is a report generator and print preview javascript library/component as a flexible and powerful RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool for report with PDF output. It can radically speed up your sophisticated report development.

You can directly program against paper with physical inch or mm length units as the x-y coordinates. rReport lets you freely place predefined objects or drawing your own objects at arbitrary x-y location. After creating your report, you can go back to change the report by adding, removing, modifying or drawing new objects (e.g. implementing 'Page X of Y' type of page numbering).

rReport also provides a browser-based report designer to let you visually create your report templates and fill them out at runtime.

rReport is also a report designer's designer. You can use rReport to create your own report designer and distribute it royalties free.

Application Areas

rReport can be used as a powerful report, drawing, and designer engine for a wide variety of reporting applications. The following is just a partial list.

  • Fill out template forms such as bank checks, air flight tickets, medical bills, and other business forms etc.
  • Produce text or graphics reports
  • Produce technical drawings
  • Produce tables or spreadsheets
  • Produce charts, diagrams or graphs
  • Perform for publication automation
  • and a lot more...

LiveMap Javascript Component -- Interactive Map & GUI

LiveMap is a Javascript Ajax map component for creating interactive map and GUI. It allows you to add powerful interactive map or layout interfaces to your web applications.

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