Create Irregularly Shaped or Non-rectangular Windows with AnyWinShape ActiveX/OCX

Do you want to create irregularly shaped or non-rectangular windows?
AnyWinShape ActiveX/OCX is perfect for creating irregularly shaped or non-rectangular windows for Visual Basic, Delphi and other ActiveX/OCX container. To change the shape of an ordinary rectangular window, you can specify an irregular or non-rectangular shape or collection of irregular or non-rectangular shapes that are combined to create the new irregular shape for the target window. A design-time shape editor is provided to create arbitrary irregular or non-rectangular shapes for your target window. Forms or any other window can be targeted, even outside your app. The target irregularly shaped window can be moved by mouse without using the Window Caption bar.

You can combine two irregularly shaped regions using the control's CombineRegion method. By repeatedly using this method, you can form your window shape with any number of irregularly shaped regions. The irregularly shaped or non-rectangular regions can be combined with the following different modes:

REGION_AND - Creates the intersection of the two combined regions.
REGION_DIFF - Combines the parts of Region 1 that are not part of Region 2.
REGION_OR - Creates the union of two combined regions.
REGION_XOR - Creates the union of two combined regions except for any overlapping areas.

Free AnyWinShape Demo/Trial

The demo/trial shows AnyWinShape's capabilities for creating irregularly shaped or non-rectangular windows. Do not miss it. Download a free copy now.

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