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XRosyGUI is 16- and 32-bit OCX/ActiveX controls for developing versatile, intuitive and great-looking GUIs.

You want good GUIs, but you also know they require a huge amount of skilled C++ programming effort. That is why you are looking for an easy ActiveX tool. But have you ever thought about what would be a superb GUI tool? XRosyGUI gives you a unique answer: a tool allowing you to simulate any interactive scenes containing any objects, which in turn can have unlimited descendant scenes and objects.

An XRosyGUI scene can be any things --- e.g. an office, a shopping center, an instrument control panel, or a beautiful virtual world full of on-screen renderings of objects casting accurate shadows --- only imagination is the limit. Conventional windows GUI elements, such as buttons, checkboxes, menu bars and toolbars etc., are just special cases of XRosyGUI scenes or objects.

XRosyGUI can simulate any interactive scenes and processes - XRosyGUI supports unlimited scene/object trees, and flexible grouping of scenes and objects. Scenes and objects can have nested descendant scenes and objects. There is no limit on this descendant level depth. Clicking on an object in a scene will automatically display or hide some objects or scenes; or trigger an event for you to handle.

A real-life example of accessing objects embedded in a house may assist you in getting a sense of XRosyGUI’s simulating power: when you click on the house’s kitchen window, you can display the kitchen containing different objects such as oven, dish washer and refrigerator; when you click on the refrigerator, you can display a variety of fruit like apple, banana, and orange; when you click on the home theater room window of the house, you can hide the kitchen as well as its embedded objects, while displaying the home theater room containing an array of home entertainment devices like TV, VCR and remote control that are fully functional and ready for operation. The pictures below illustrate this process.

XRosyGUI can simulate any objects - The looks, shapes and behaviors of XRosyGUI objects are completely controlled by user bitmaps. As a result, you can simulate any imaginary or real-life objects, such as airplanes, TVs, VCRs and instrument devices with operational embedded buttons, LED lights, meters, and switches etc.

XRosyGUI can simulate many real-life looking meters - XRosyGUI treats meters as objects with rotating or sliding pointers. This allows you to simulate a variety of monitoring devices, depending on the bitmaps you supply to the metering objects. For instance, if you provide a speedometer bitmap, you get a functional speedometer. XRosyGUI supports sliders, meters, gauge bars, and knobs. XRosyGUI can even automatically keep track of current readings for hidden meters, and will display the correct values when later you expose them. The following pictures show examples of XRosyGUI metering objects.

XRosyGUI provides many useful supplementary functions - In addition to support for flying-mouse highlight on the hotspot area when the mouse moves over the object, XRosyGUI also offers other built-in functions for bringing attention to an object such as label, tooltip, and statusbar. Other useful built-in functions include stationary and mobile animation, movable objects, and adjustable object attributes etc.

XRosyGUI supports scripting - XRosyGUI supports scripting for its properties and methods. You will find this feature very useful both for your application development and for your application customization by your customer.

XRosyGUI provides many immediate useful results - Since XRosyGUI can simulate any scenes and objects, many useful features are natural results of the product implementation. Some examples are: any kinds of HotMaps, Toolbars, and switches. Below are just two examples for XRosyGUI's unlimited toolbars.

Internet Explorer 3.0 Toolbar

Nested Toolbars (saving screen space)

Creating great-looking GUIs is also a natural XRosyGUI result. If you supply objects with eye-catching bitmaps, e.g. 3D ray-traced bitmaps with photo-realistic renderings/textures/shadows, you can really make your application look slick and dazzling.

XRosyGUI offers a 3D Ray-traced button library and tool program -XRosyGUI also provides a library of good-looking 3D Ray-traced bitmap buttons of a variety of shapes and textures including but not limited to metal, marble, plastic and wood, ready for inclusion into your application. The following shows example buttons of the library.

In addition, XRosyGUI also provides a tool program for you to quickly create your own bitmap frames for buttons or objects. The illustration below shows an example of creating frames for a three-state push button from a CD player picture. Frames for all other buttons, knobs and switches on the CD player can be created in the same way.

XRosyGUI saves screen space - Remarkably, XRosyGUI allows you to show many different scenes and objects within a common screen area. This is because XRosyGUI supports automatic display and hiding of mutually exclusive nested scenes and objects.

XRosyGUI enhances conventional windows GUI elements - Conventional windows GUI elements, such as command buttons, checkboxes, frames, option buttons, ribbon buttons, labels, statusbars, tooltips, panels, menu bars and toolbars, are just special cases of XRosyGUI scenes and objects --- except XRosyGUI does them better. XRosyGUI can give these elements a complete face-lift, making them look as attractive as you want.

XRosyGUI perfectly integrates with other controls - XRosyGUI can be used together with other controls such as Grid control, TextBox, and ListBox. You can place one or multiple XRosyGUI controls and other controls on the same forms. XRosyGUI scenes and objects embrace other controls to give your application a special look and feel. The example below uses one XRosyGUI control and multiple other controls on the same form.

XRosyGUI makes your imagination reality - XRosyGUI allows you to completely control the look and feel of your application by using your own bitmaps. If you can imagine a visually cool application, XRosyGUI makes it reality.


The demo shows XRosyGUI's innovation and beauty. Seeing is believing. Download a free copy now.

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