JMapView  TM JavaBean

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JMapView (written entirely in Java) is a JavaBean for adding interactive maps or GIS to your Internet, intranet or standalone applications. The control allows you to create any type of map or layout  interfaces that you would like your users to interact with. The product also includes samples for USA maps ready to be included into your own applications.

The main features include:


Java Requirements
JDK 1.2 or higher supporting JFC Swing for map viewing. Ideally, a dynamic JMapView map is generated by JMapView itself. But, if your (server) platform's JDK is not JDK 1.2 or Java Swing compliant, you can still generate JMapView maps without using JMapView. You can also develop customized map viewer applets on Swing compliant platform, and upload the applet web pages to any other web server platform.

Free Demo/Trial Copy

The demo/trial shows JMapView's unmatched capabilities. Do not miss it.
Click here to download a free copy (jmapview_trial.jar) and install it by unzipping with the jar: jar xf jmapview_trial.jar


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